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Thread: Re-establishing a permission

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    Re-establishing a permission

    Which argument/reason have you had most success in gaining/keeping a permission?

    I need to establish contact with the new owners of a small pocket of land I have that has a nice population of muntys (and a few million rabbits)...

    The last owners were family friends, kept a few sheep on their 30 acres, happy for me to come down whenever, take a munty and some rabbits for the pot.

    New owners - I don't know them, no contact yet, they've been in about 2 months and I feel it's about time for me to get down there (didn't want to rush it/push it too early).

    So... best approach?

    Do I go down the "munty problem", previous owners asked me to keep the number down (but not eradicate), destroying their plants, danger on the road, etc..


    Previous owners knew I was keen on shooting, enjoy a good venison steak once in a while and liked me coming down, especially when they were on holiday as kept up an air of "people about the place".


    Do I say, I knew previous owners, they weren't to bothered about the rabbits, happy to come down try and knock down the population a bit for them, also keep the muntys in check and few rabbits/venison for their pot...



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    Don't really think you can plan for these events except to ensure that when you do introduce yourself you present a trustworthy, reliable and honest person (not for one second suggesting that you are anything else). For all you know the new owners could be total antis or in fact like to do a bit of deer/rabbit control themselves or they may have a friend just like you were to the last owner.

    You just have to go there, introduce yourself as the guy who had the shooting rights from the previous owner and ask if you could continue on giving details of what you have to offer. I think you will very quickly get the impression whether this owner is against shooting and you can withdraw with respect to his/her views.

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    Have similar issue. I my case got prev owners to inform new owners about current arrangements so they were aware.

    In your case i suggest tactfull approach intoduce yourself and explain old situation and see what happens. It shouldn't take to long to guage the likely responce.

    Suggest you might start with saying you keep the rabbits under control and if this seems acceptable raise the munty issue.



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    I agree with last two posts. First thing you must do is go and introduce yourself, sooner rather than later, but not in your hunting kit with a rifle over your shoulder as you may just scare them to death ! Introduce yourself, the role you play, how it benefitted the previous owners and your hopes that you will be allowed to continue. It may be an idea to ask if there is anything else you could do for them ? Invite them on a stalk or a walk around their land where you can point out what you have done, issues they have or may have etc That way they can see the benefits to having you around. It may just be enough to introduce yourself and take along a bottle as a house warmer. That always goes down well up here !


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    Well, that was relatively painless, shooting rights re-established

    She did say one other guy has access to shoot rabbits - no problem for me - and she'd seen two dead muntjac in the last week on the roadside near the house.

    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    take along a bottle as a house warmer
    Offered to throw her some rabbit/venison and she said, "now why has the other guy NOT offered anything in return!"

    Woohoo... being my closest permission by 1hr makes today a happy day, it's my little bolt hole and I'm glad to have it back
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