Wild boar hunt is interesting and emotional. In our country on the Danube islands the hunt of pigs is very good, although most of our national hunters are convinced that the island pigs are intentionally conveyed to grow on their own. Traditional hunting of wild boar in our country is team hunt on packs. According to law a pack could count up to 20 people. The Head of pack determines the direction in which the drive hunters and the dogs will go as well as the ambush sites and the position of individual participants. Shooting at this armored large animal require hard hit and sure strike. For this purpose it is recommended smoothbore barrel hunting shotgun 12 gauge. It is recommended because most of gunpowder in the cartridge makes heavy blast. Typically, most hunting cartridges which contain soft pellets are made in sizes of 70 mm. Any 12/70 shotgun in condition with tight choke tubes is good for shooting with hunting bullets. Semi autos like the 12 gauge autoloader are also used with interchangeable chokes. Rarely used are rifled / thread / barrel carbines with an average gauge of .30-06 Sprg, 7 Remington Magnum, .308 Win. Thread barrel carbines hit well until distance of 150 meters using mechanical aiming devices.

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