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Thread: Help! Technophobia

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    Help! Technophobia

    Help I admit defeat. How do I include a picture on my post. I have composed my essay and I would like to include a picture but failed miserably.


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    Go to
    Upload your photo there.
    Copy it from there.
    Paste the link here.

    Took me a while to get used to it too.~Muir

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    Pritt Stick doesn't work

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    wHEN YOU GET A SET OF 4 url,s Choose the one that says IMG CODE.
    Are you blond

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    Security settings on photobucket can be tricky to get right, if you embed a pic from there into a post here you need to let the world see all you pics.

    You could create an album here and post a link to the photo in your message.


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