If anybody round Newbury area or within reasonable travelling distance goes foxing with NV I am wondering if they would let me tag along. I am looking to increase my knowledge and foxing is realitively new to me. Had 3 so far in the last 6 weeks.
Lots of experience of bunny bashing and ratting with the NV but not so much foxing and as I am using a 223 now the dangers increase.

I know all the theory and do consider myself to be a safe shot but I would like to take some time with some people who do a lot of foxing (Or a lot more than me). Just to learn from experience. See if I am missing anything.

I have my own NV. (Have NV will travel ) but I would like to spend some time with some experienced NV people just to ensure I am doing it right. Rather learn from someone elses mistakes rather than make my own.

If anybody is willing to spend some time with me I would appreciate it.
I don't even need to bring my own rifle if you don't want me to, as I am happy to act as a spotter.

All in all I just want to learn more about foxes and make sure that what I am currently doing now is correct.

If you might have some opportunities then drop me a line as I am happy to chat.
Mant thanks