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Thread: Update your Stakling CERTIFICATE NOW!

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    Update your Stakling CERTIFICATE NOW!

    Page 13 .B.A.S.C Non/Dec issue are you BUFF or BLUE! read it this is not a piss take, honest.
    Trapper(FOR NON b.a.s.c.) BORROW A COPY!

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    please tell us more ????

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    I changed mine the other day didnt want my LEV 1-2 to become useless for the sake of a few pound,s.

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    This is the relevant extract from the the magazine,

    Following the change to food hygiene regulations in 2005, holders of older DSC Level 1 certificates (coloured buff) have been able to convert their certificates to include “trained hunter” status for large game. But DMQ, who manage the award, say that this will not be possible after 31st March 2009. No application for conversion after this date will be accepted.
    All DSC 1 certificates issued after 1st January 2006 (coloured blue) indicate that the holder is also designated a “trained hunter” (for large game only) under the food hygiene regulations, this means that you can sell any game that you may have shot.
    Up to the 31st March 2009 all applications should be addressed to DMQ, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0HI.

    I am happy to say that in contradiction of my usual style, I did mine a couple of years back.


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    i have my original bds nscc, they wont change that for me, been told i have to do it all again, money grabbers!!!!!

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    I thought they were letting them get changed or has this stopped for a reason.

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    I cant remember the dates, it may have been early 2000. The rights to move the NSCC over to the DMQ 1 were stopped years ago. Sadly it is something that we have to keep on top of so that we stay current.


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    I did mine on the 12th of may 2007, mine aint blue so have i got to change it ?????

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    This is exactly why I refuse to get dragged into this stupid certification thing
    I really like the idea of learning all the stuff on the dsc but the cost's and arses that run it get me hot under the collar, same reason I told the law society to stick the LPC at sevral K..
    I do very nicely without it thank you

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    I had a letter from them sometime ago telling me to sign a declaration that I had read the meat hygiene requirements and then to send them £15 and I would have my Level 1 upgraded. As I have Level 2 I though that it would have applied more to that certificate than Level 1 as there is no larder work required in Level 1.

    All the same bloody con!! if you ask me, more ******** than you find in a cow yard. And despite what many say on here, people are still paying over the odds to gain their Level 2. Although you do NOT need an AW to witness all three stalks/deer. Two of them can be witnessed by someone who has gained Level 2.

    And please do not tell me that AW's should do all three as they have the experience, some of the ones I have met in the past certainly did not.

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