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Thread: Freeze Branding of Dogs

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    Freeze Branding of Dogs

    Dear All,

    I was recently the victim of a dog theft. In order to reduce future dog thefts, and assist with the recovery of stolen dogs I would like to legalise the freeze branding of dogs. Microchipping and Ear Tattooing are excellent ways of identifying lost/stray dogs. But they cannot be seen if you are not specifically looking for them. I believe that a large easily identifiable freeze mark would act as a theft deterrent. It would also greatly assist in making the stolen dog 'too hot to handle'.

    I have set up an e-Petition at the following link.

    I would also like members to write to their local MP. I have written a sample letter and attached a link to the website to find your local MP.

    You can find your local MP here:

    Copy and paste the below and send it to them as an email or letter.

    Dear (insert MPs Title and Surname)

    I am concerned about the nubmer of dogs being stolen in the UK. I believe it is rising rapidly. Mircochipping and ear tattooing are excellent means of identifying dogs which are lost or stray. However, a member on a public who sees a dog walking down the street will not be able to tell if it is microchipped or has an ear tattoo. I think that the freeze marking of dogs (as is done to cattle and horses) would be an excellent way of permenatly identifying dogs in a clearly visible manner. This would act as a theft deterrent and make it easier for stolen dogs to become 'too hot to handle'. As a member of your constituency I am asking you to work towards changing the Permitted Mutilations Regulations (2007) to allow freeze marking of dogs. Please send any correspondence to the following address;

    (insert your name and address)

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

    Yours sincerely

    (your name)

    It is vital that you include your name and address or the MP will ignore the email as they will only respond to people in their constituency.

    I am a private individual who wishes to change this law as I think that I could have a positive effect on the number of dogs being stolen and the number of dogs recovered. I am not affiliated to any freeze marking company, or any other company.

    If you have any questions or require any more information please don't hesitate to contact me on this thread or via PM. Thank you for your support with this matter. I will also post this in the Deer Dogs forum to increase visibility.



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    Freeze branding
    Different concept
    I like the idea
    How does it work for long haired varieties or curly coated
    Also how easy it is to disfigure already branded dogs and would it make those that were freeze branded a more readily available target

    I know micro-chipping works as they traced the owner to the chip some-found in a set meal in a local Chinese to me
    Don't know how far you will get but anything that helps to reduce the theft of dogs has to be a good thing
    Good luck with your venture

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    Sorry to here your dog was taken, I do hope you managed to castrate the bugger who took him or her.

    Just as a thought, should such a thing become legal how long would it take before we see the first footballer with a trendy freeze branded dog? As long as the system would not be open to abuse then I couldn't object however I wouldn't want a dog marked in such a way. I like how my dog looks, she's in good shape, well proportioned and has a nice coat, people comment on that and I'm proud of that. But if it makes recovering a stolen dog more achievable then it has some merit.

    Good luck
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    think i will pass on this, i have chips and ear tattoos really don't want to disfigure my labs and heaven knows what it would look like on my IWS

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    I could never condone this on an animal welfare front. What you are proposing would be a significant freeze burn. It has to be quite large to be legible and would cover a greater proportion of the dog's skin (cf a cow or horse). Freeze branding has fallen out of favour in horsey circles in recent years.

    It would be cruel.

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    See the link for example photos of an american coon dog being branded,
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    Aside from the fact that I'd be against it on welfare grounds, tattoos and branding are not reliable methods of identification because they are open to being altered. It's relatively easy to change a 5 into a 6, a 6 to an 8, and so on. People who steal dogs are some of the scummiest scumbags on the planet, and would have no hesitation in attempting their own mutilations to disguise or alter a brand.

    I know microchips aren't readily detectable, but they are at least a unique ID.

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