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Thread: Forestry Commission Ford Ranger

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    Forestry Commission Ford Ranger

    Just incase anyone is interested, I see that the Forestry Commission are selling the Tay Districts Ranger Managers old Ford Ranger at Dunkeld. It has the full wildlife ranger conversion with winch, spotlight, gunbox, dog cage etc. It says it has 132,000 miles and is a 2002 model. It is for sale by tender, contact Forestry Commission at Stirling Office - Tel: 01786 435600. It is Lot number 3.

    Just thought it might be of interest to someone.

    I have an L200 with the full wildlife ranger conversion and it is a great tool for working deer in the forests, I couldn't be without it in my job

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    For those wanting to know what such a conversion looks like try this link;
    Here's the link,
    I wish I had the money!

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    The one on there at the moment is battered! Not a straight panel on it.

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    Not to be touched with a barge pole... had more hits than Elvis and more drivers than Tiger Woods. I live in Stirling if anyone wants me to look at it?

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    These Rangers sometimes go for very little money, however they have had a working life and unfortunately the fuel consumption on older Ford Rangers is pretty poor.
    If you have your heart set on a "Wildlife" converted pick up you can always get the FC to convert your vehicle, albeit at a cost!
    The new FC Ranger conversions are far better though with a much improved dog/ equipment area behind the front seats.
    Raads Garage in Perth usually has former FC vehicles for sale.

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    I have seen Raads and they are well past the use by date.. what a silly garage to recommend to the wise SD folks,

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    Finding a used FC Ranger that is not past it's used by date is a very rare thing indeed...........I am confident that SD members are discerning enough to make an informed choice should they consider purchasing a used vehicle from any garage.
    Raads was only mentioned as they seem to have had a few former FC pick-ups from time to time and was certainly not a recommendation as I have no experience of them other than seeing their adverts in the trusty Courier and Advertiser!

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    Get a head save up buy a TOYOTA
    Save Water Drink Single Malt

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    Can't beat an Isuzu Trooper was good - Denver is better

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