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Thread: sako 75 or 85

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    sako 75 or 85

    hi i have a sako 75 at the momment and have realy enjoyed using it, i am now getting another cal and was going back for another sako but what was wandering if the new 85 was realy worth the extra cash i have read the some articals about the 85 safty mag systm .
    also where is a good dealer at a good price

    Cheers ivor

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    If it were me i would go for the SAKO 85 It has an improved bolt system but to be fair they are both good rifles. But they wont compare to my sauer so i will stick with it

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    sako 75 or 85


    Taking it you live in the Shropshire area so have you tried Morgans of Oswestry (ask for the gun room), last time I popped in they had a number of very competitevely priced 75 and 85's on offer along with some nice t3's.
    Another place in Shropshire is the bog at Minsterly or a little further a filed is the shop in Wensbury west mid or Valley arms at Ruthin across the border in North Wales.

    Hope these are a help


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    hi i went up to minsterly ranges about a fortnight ago no selection at all in the sako's will give morgans a try cheers
    6.5x55 what would you say are the best bits of the sauer and how much more generally are they

    thanks ivor

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    The sauer is smooth and silent like me it is black like me , with a nice fluted barrel . It has the best mounting system on a rifle with a built in weaver rail. Deadly accurate out of the box has a set trigger leaving at a nice crisp 1lb . Its is a couple of pounds lighter than the sako, I paid 1100 from new with rings ready to shoot.
    Did i say you can take it apart and change barrels for other calibres .
    Al weather with a Teflon coat. Sorry no tiger stripes and you cant get camo so if your a serious stalker you need not apply

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    Hi Shropshire lad,

    Morgans will order you what you want but hadn't got many cf rifles in last week when i called in. they ordered a ouple of Beneli's for my mate on a sale or return basis and they were in within a week he bought the one he wanted and they sent the other back.
    In contrast he went to the bog first and paid up front, waited 3 weeks to be told it would take up to another month. NB Cambers on the cressage road have a few rifles in and will order you anything you want. the owner is a keen stalker. Wynstay farmers in oswestry have just opened a new gunroom so might be good for a deal. Garlands at stafford have a fair bit of kit and is deffinately worth a phone call.

    hope this helps, Ezzy.

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    Actually while we are on the subject, any of you know a gunshop relativly local to shrewsbury that carries a stock of reloading components?
    i need too find a selection of 6.5 bullets and some re22 but none local


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    I love my 85 and would recommend anyone to buy one

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    thanks for those details ezzy6.5 there is a small gun shop in bell vue shrewsbury but isnt open much so call ahead to check
    leusak which model do you have i wasnt going for a synthetic

    Thanks ivor

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    I have the wood laminate in stainless with a Jet-Z mod, I recommend you pop into a local shop and pick one up to try. I was going for a T3 untill I picked up the 85, lifelong purchase so worth the extra.

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