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Thread: mitsubishi double cab wanted

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    mitsubishi double cab wanted

    hi guys
    my son is a full time keeper and is looking to buy a mitsi double cab
    we missed two sat they were sold within five minutes of us getting there
    preferabally in black warrior or the like .
    looking to spend around the 5k mark would need to be vgc no rubbish
    anyone looking to sell theirs or seen one in a garage please pm
    were in somerset but dont mind travelling for the right vechile
    regards pete .

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    Pete, my mate takes loads of these in p/x so will ring him and ask.

    I bought a 53 Warrior with 84K, fsh for 2800 from him for my mate who wanted one but was away at the time.

    Tell him to save up and get a 3.0 Hilux!

    Will ask him and let you know.

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    Go for a Hilux or Isuzu Rodeo 3.0

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    chopper thanks for the reply you know what young lads are like .
    sounds ideal your mate plenty to choose from .
    your not the first one that has mentioned about the hilux
    theve got a very good name .
    your help appreiceiated regards pete .

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    dan many thanks for the link exactly what hes looking for but the distance and the dreaded vat kills it
    regards pete .

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    hi guys we found one literally on our doorstep yesterday and hes bought that
    thanks for the replys and links .
    regards pete .

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    hi sir, I have a Mitsubishi l200 animal double cabin 56 reg. 158BHP ONLY OWNER IN BLACK FULL MITSUBISHI SERVICE HISTORY


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    Do some people post on threads without reading them? Lol
    the op was 6months ago as was the post saying he had found one...


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