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Thread: not very humane dispatch

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    not very humane dispatch

    talking to a friend/neighbour whom should no these things? about a water bufferlo involved in a RTA armed responce where called to dispatch the stricken beast only the car that attended was only equiped with .223 and fmj ammo. I no some cars carry 7.62 but apparently it took five shots to the head to dispatch the poor animal any thougths

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    Yes, a couple..
    WTF is a water buffalo doing in Chesterfield??
    Police aren't normally permitted to dispatch animals which is why the likes of us get called out.
    However, 5 shots or just 1 is irrelevant if it is still the quickest way to end suffering I reckon. The main problem is that untrained persons don't appreciate the exact location of the brain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neil b View Post
    any thougths
    Yeah, I could save a whole pile of money on a safari by just going to Chesterfield. Are there many more of them?

    I guess I now need a condition on the FAC for deer and "water buffalo in the Chesterfield area." Does anyone know if this is a standard condition or will it be another made up one?

    I feel a whole new thread coming on - ideal cartridge for water buffalo near Chesterfield.

    Just out of interest, where on earth is Chesterfield? No reason.

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    FMJ Ammo at close range,
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    I wonder if one was called by the police or animal welfare to dispatch this animal for them and you turned up with a .223 and then took the five shots to kill the beast, how long would it be before you were called into question about whether you really fit to shoot game.

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    That's the shooters fault - not the calibre.

    A 22rf at point blank will kill a water buffalo. A 223 FMJ would damn near blow its head off?
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    He should have done the water buffalo certificate Level 1

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    Glad to hear that the rain has been bad down your way as well. Fields are very very wet but the water buffalo have not arrived yet.

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    I would have thought the Glock 17 would be more appropriate for HD
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    Unfortunately out of the big five we only had a couple of herds of elephants the last month. Another ranger in Preston claims he saw a few black rhinoceros in an asda car park but I think it is too early for them to rut.

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