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Thread: Back to Africa

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    Back to Africa

    Back to South Africa on Sunday for another three weeks hunting (and wine). Not sure about species yet though....

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    I wish you all the best.
    Where are you hunting?
    I hunt the North Karoo for the last 7 hunts.

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    Hunting in the Eastern Cape, Alexandria. I started hunting in Limpopo, in 1997, but since 2005 I have hunted the Eastern Cape.

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    I have had some good times on the cape - I still need to do the reed bucks though

    Been out in Moz earlier this year for the big stuff and possibly a sable but it didn't pan out at all.


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    Hi Nitroexpress. You are the third person in four weeks to tell me of a bad trip to Moz. Unless you are Dale? If so, I know the story. I can't positively identify you from the picture. What bow do you shoot?

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    Busted - it is I!

    That was a hoyt pro elite but I'm on a 82lb carbon matrix plus now.

    Who's that then?

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    Then it is only two persons in the last month that I have met and who have had a bad time in Moz! I am no longer able to pull 80lbs alas. I use a Mathews Drenalin at 60lb. It works. We met on the Nduna Hunting Safaris Stand, at the Midland. It was your wish for the reed bucks and the bad time in Moz that gave the game away! All the best.


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    [QUOTE=Nitroexpress;269199]Busted - it is I!

    Hi Dale.Thought I recognised the photo . If you can't guess who this is I'm your neighbour on the other side of the road at the bottom of the hill.

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    As I am away through to Jamross65 stalking deer for the weekend,I wish you every success on your trip.
    I have just booked Namibia for 2013 as it is my 25th Wedding Do next year.
    Look forward to hearing your tales on your return.
    All the very best


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    Thank you for your good wishes Davie. They are fully reciprocated for your weekend stalking. I have never been to Namibia but I will go later this month, to look at a new concession. Finally after fifteen years drinking Windhoek Beer, I will get to see the town it is named after! I had to have a wee look at your Gallery Davie. There are some nice trophies in your cabin. Waidmanns Heil!


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