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    Yes - frankly if you live anywhere south of Birmingham you'll never be that far from a muntjac.

    The trick is spotting them of course.

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    I have an area in West Sussex, there are no Muntjac on it. However they are nearby, but a major road and railway line seems to have halted their spread; for the time being.

    There are also no Muntjac in Kent, I have heard many reports, but I personally have never heard or seen one dead, alive or at the game dealer who I know. Roe are in Kent, but only west Kent. Fallow are fairly widely spread, but there are large areas of Kent without any deer what so ever.

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    I've seen them along a roadside in Alsager, I think thats Staffordshire, so north of Brum!

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    We have them in Nottingham, North of Brum

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    On the subject of munties l am in prime muntie territory here (cambs) hardly a day goes by without seeing one let alone actually going out after them.

    It would be interesting to know the extent of their northerly distribution, l have heard of sightings as far as Newcastle but l suspect that these are probably local escapes from private parks if there are actually any that far north because l think the natural migration would not have made it that far yet but maybe l am wrong.

    l suspect that there will be a limit to there northerly distribution because as we know they can be susceptible to prolonged cold conditions but who knows what will happen as we seem to be getting milder winters and these little creatures are so adaptable.

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    I believe the Mammal Society who are the recognised authority in the spread and decline of mammalian species in the UK have them tracked up as far as the Humber on the east coast and the Lune on the west coast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 300wsm
    A9 near Pitlochery and Dundee Golf Course
    Are you seeing them regularly? I've heard of a small breeding population near Blair Atholl but would be interested in proof.

    Very interested in any evidence of muntjac anywhere in Scotland. Suspect they've all got there illegally by transit van, but given the right cover and shelter they'll settle well enough.

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    I have to disagree with you about Muntjac in Kent. They are here in numbers but only down towards Hastings way. I have seen a number around Broadoak Brede when out stalking fallow (did'nt see any fallow though!) and have seen two run over on the A21. None up by me in Tonbridge though.
    Cheers Andy[/quote]

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