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Thread: First fox with new rifle

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    First fox with new rifle

    Just had my first fox with new rifle and scope set up.
    Tikka T3 lite 22-250 with Wildcat mod and Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50.
    I was out trying for a roebuck and had only left the car for ten minutes. Saw something brown colour coming down the ride towards me. Managed to get the glasses on him and here was the fox that has been helping himself to our pheasants. Very distinctive white tip on his tail.
    He had not seen me and I managed to get the sticks up and sighted in on him. He strolled in to about 80 yards and very obligingly turned sideways on.
    One second later and our pheasants were safe for the time being and fox was flat out with 55gr Federal ballistic tip in the rib cage.
    I shot many foxes with my old .243 but this 22-250 is just sooooo good.

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    probably the first of many, well done

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    22/250 is a cracking foxing calibre

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    I have nearly the same set up and love it,well done on first fox ,may there be many more.

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    you will find the 250 hard to beat it really is a cracking calibre not used it on roe but i hear it works well up there for you guys
    good hunting

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    Well done on the fox. I miss my .22-250 for foxing it is an awesome round.

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    Good one to get in about the phesants

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    Well done on getting foxy , never tried a 22-250 but i was told before i bought my .223 that i should go for a 222 or a 22-250......might try and look into it , hope you get many more

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    Thanks for all the positive replies guys.
    Varmint 223, I took a lot of advice before going for the 22-250 and must say I am delighted with it. The 223 was an alternative but pretty well everyone I spoke to said that the 22-250 outperformed it in every respect but whether it would be worthwhile going to the bother of changing your rifle from the 223 is doubtful.

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