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Thread: Olympus E500 lenses query

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    Olympus E500 lenses query

    hi folks

    wife has an olympus E500 that has barely been used thinking bout nicking it off of her to try some wildlife piccies.....i know bugger all bout photography and was wondering what size of lense would i need zoom wise to get some good photos of wildlife at a wee bit of distance ...deer birds etc?

    and where good place to buy them from?

    sauer / paul

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    The Olympus E500 is a pretty decent bit of kit in standard form but you may have a problem sourcing a telephoto lens for it which you would need for wildlife photography.
    The problem is that Olympus decided to plough their own furrow so to speak when they designed the E series of cameras and went for a Four Thirds system which no other manufacturer has used before or since.
    As a result there is a lack of after market tele lenses and you would not have the choice that you would have with say Nikon or Canon.
    You would need something like a 500mm lens and that may be difficult to find.
    Have a look on ebay and see what is available there.

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