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    243 win

    Hi i have a sworo 6x18-50 with a tds-4 reticule, what i need to know to set it up is what is the bc of privi partisan 243 soft point in 90grn. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me. Woodydog.

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    Not sure where you will find the BC listed as Privi arent the sort of manufacturer interested in that sort of info. but if you zero your rifle at 200 yards, then measure the bullet drop at 300 yds you will have your correction factor, then you can work out the rest of the info you need.

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    A quick question. Have you chronographed your rounds to get an average velocity?

    Regards JCS

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    The formula for calculating the ballistic coefficient for bullets only is as follows:[1][2]

    • BCBullets = ballistic coefficient
    • SD = sectional density, SD = mass of bullet in pounds or kilograms divided by its caliber squared in inches or meters; units are lb/in2 or kg/m2.
    • i = form factor, i = ; (CG ~ 0.5191)
    • CB = Drag coefficient of the bullet
    • CG = Drag coefficient of the G1 model bullet
    • M = Mass of object, lb or kg
    • d = diameter of the object, in or m
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    Thanks very much for the answers, i havent chronographed it as i dont have one. Finnbear270 thanks for the advice but i have not got a clue what your on about but it sounds very good. Atb Woodydog..

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