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Thread: Scope for a shotgun

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    Scope for a shotgun

    Hello guys,

    I am a newbie in your family , so sorry if i posted this in a wrong place.
    Well, i say some thing about me in the relative introduction section , so
    i go on with my question >

    I plan to hunt wild pigs mostly , at least this season.
    My gun is a 12ga Vepr Molot , using slugs or 9-15balls
    Shortly i plan to get a Mosberg 590A1 too (12ga)

    I want to fit a scope in my shotgun, and i want it to be COMPACT if possible
    But the recoil of a 12ga is very heavy and i dont know what to buy or what to avoid.

    Fixed mag or zoomed mag ? and how much ?
    I.R or not ?

    I feel that a 2-8x or 1-6+x would be fine for a zoomed scope
    or something like an ACOG 4x32 compact scope would be fine too

    What i can find here is crap and/or suitable only for airguns.
    I find here Hawke, Konus , Tasco (china of course) , ASG e.t.c
    I am confused and not having a pocket full of money i seek for a best money for value
    solution. Possible propositions for sale are welcome too (pm please)

    Please be patient with me and kind enough to propose me your ideas and withstand my ignorance :-)

    Thank you in advance


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    range of shotgun about 30-50m no point putting a scope on it for that distance.just point and pull.IMO
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    Your best option is to try and order something from the US, they have a tradition of scoping shotguns for deer hunting with slugs etc.

    The only real difference between a shotgun scope and a rifle scope is that the shotgun scope has parallax set at short range, 75m I think.

    Check Ebay, something like this would work for you:

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    I have a burris speed on my Benelli, i would be happy to use it up to about 70m with slugs, 25m with buckshot.Attachment 9662

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    Thank you for your advices guys

    The market is very limited here , specially lately if someone wants to buy
    a good quality item. Only cheap replicas around.

    I plan to use my shotgun also in a kind of practical shooting (as we call it here) training
    that we do in our shooting club when we are inside the shooting field.

    I have a couple of red dots (one is a multi reticle TruGlo) , i have a crap scope and a friend's scope 4x32 from Russia . But i can NOT find an good-strong open type of reddot.
    I search for this too.

    Except the hunting part , we like to do some kind of precision shooting with slugs since we are not allowed to buy and own rifled guns here for hunting.
    That is why i seek a minor zoomed scope as i told you above.
    We use bipods and Sabot slugs and Sauvestres , Brennekes to reach further , usually we try 100m+ more or less, depending of conditions and shotguns. At least this what we try to play with.
    Of course the smooth bore barel does not provide acuracy as a rifled barel does, but this is what we can do so, far.
    I ll be able to buy a rilfe and a scope after 6-7 months or a .22 rifle and possibly a scope
    after 1-2 months but for usage only inside the shooting field of our club. Cant take it with me in the mountain. Even if i ll not hunt or shoot with it. Strange laws here....

    So, i try to play as much i can with the shotgun and modify-add things e.t.c


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    Try these people, they seem to have 13 scopes for shotguns.***
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