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Thread: Park cull experience with Jelen.

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    Park cull experience with Jelen.

    Now I know that park culls don't appeal to all but I found it very worthwhile.
    Biggest bit for me was the experience gained on gralloching and inspecting. The level of tuition from Mike and his team was great.

    For those who think it's an easy doddle, it isn't. It's hard work and spotting and waiting for a clear safe shot on the right cull animals takes patience, some more patience and a straight shot.

    Larder facilities were impressive and it was a genuinely beautiful part of the country to spend 2 days. Overall I'd recommend it to someone who is looking to get hands on experience under good guidance.

    Good times, good people.

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    how many did you get to shoot?

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    Well done Milligan glad you had a good time you are quite wright park culls are not easy. But you are in good hands with the Jelen teem.

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    I thought the same i have helped out on 3 occaisions in park culls, i thought like sitting ducks and easy. Wrong i was they know the difference between a early morning jogger to a stalker and when i first put my cross hairs on the first cull target i thought God if i get this wrong there will be a injured deer running round a park last thing anybody wants to see. But it was an amazing morning and experiance. It was the speed of things that took me by surprise from placeing cross hairs and incase they move then you move, gralloching to collecting your beast out of public way and into the larder for tagging etc.
    Like you said the experiance is awesome instead of a single stalk to doing the gralloching on one deer you can perfect it by doing a few in the day instead of over a few months.

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    This is the reason that I said I was pleased to see the add, when Jelen was giving the oppertunity for others to learn from this experiance. I think that it should be manditory for one of the stalks in the Level 2 to be conducted in a park. I did this on my Level 2 and it was disallowed and I had to do an additional wild stalk. I was very fortunate to be able to go on the days park cull with my assessor and greatly appreciated the oppertunity a learnt more on that one day than I did in the previous three years stalking.
    Well done Jelen, it's guys like you that will help and educate others who may never get the chance.

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    Glad you had fun Will

    Was it a route to DSC2?

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    Just out of interest, how much do Jelen charge for this service and what exactly do you get and how much time/animals etc?

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    I got 4 over the 2 days; a prickett with a very poor head, 2 sorrels and a lame youngster.
    Best if you get in touch with Jelen over pricing and conditions.

    Time was pretty much from 9am to 6pm, so a solid day.

    Nope, no plans for the DSC 2 at this point but I am sure it'll stand me in good stead.

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    Hi Will,

    Thanks for your write-up and kind words.

    Anyone who wishes to have details, costs etc., please email me on and I will be pleased to send you the information by return.

    Best regards,


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