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Thread: Hello to you all from South Wales

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    Hello to you all from South Wales

    My name is Lee and I am 39 years old.
    My introduction to fieldsports came via ferreting when aged about 10. I was bought my first air rifle when I was 12 and have been well and truly hooked since that day!
    I was granted my SGC when 14 and started rough shooting with my father(mainly rabbit and pigeon) and some clays. I later joined a walk and stand pheasant and duck shoot and spent many a happy season there, although unfortunately finances have restricted me to rough shooting the last couple of seasons with woodcock being my favourite quarry with the scatter gun.
    I applied for my FAC when I was 20 (for vermin control) and was granted .22 and 22-250 later adding .17hmr and have since bagged my fair share of bunnies and foxes with them.
    Now I would realy like to progress to stalking and as soon as my finances allow my variation will be flying in and my DSC1 booked! Just the thought of viewing my first deer through a scope makes my knees knock, but i bet you were all there once!!!
    In the meantime any knowledge I can gain from you guys will be very greatfully received.
    I currently own;
    12g Browning 425 grd5
    .17hmr Anshutz 1517
    22-250 Sako75
    Sorry if I've bored you with too much info and I appologise in advance for any mistakes I make in the future
    Happy hunting

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    Welcome to the forum mate, The learning start's here .

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    Welcome to the site, at last ,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Lee nice to see you on this site

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    Hi Lee, yep it is a natural progression. Enjoy

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    Welcome to SD

    Atb David

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