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Thread: Synthetic or Laminate stock?

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    Synthetic or Laminate stock?

    Got the .308 variation at last and have decided on another Tikka stainless. GMK say that earliest they can get a synthetic / S.S. is next year but it is available now in laminate. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the two choices?

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    I don't know about the Tikka but the Sako laminated stocks are excellent. In my opinion, the ideal compremise between weight, feel, recoil absorbtion, weather resistance etc. I very much doubt that you would regret getting a laminated stocked rifle unless you prefer pretty walnut. JC

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    Mate of mine has one on a 223 tikka lite. And its a beauty very nice and soild. I would have one tommorrow.

    I have handled the sako and the tikka one. There the same apart from the sako being true right hand it has a cheek piece and bigger palm swell.

    The tikka one has a very little palm swell but is still left hand friendly.
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    If I was buying a tikka I would take the laminate stock over the cheap plastic one any day.

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    Sako and T3 have slightly better plastic stocks than the rest. Even so the laminated would be better for
    accurate shooting. Weight could be a problem with the laminated though.

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    I have 4 tikka's, all synthetic stainless. No matter what you throw at them they just soak it up. You dont have to keep checking that your not scratching your nice wood stock and there lighter for field work. I would have thought some dealer out there would have a .308 on the shelf, very common.

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    Thanks for replies, ordered the laminate one.
    There were a few in dealers around the country but like to get it from local shop, support local business and if I have any issues with it, I can get it to him easily.
    I have the synthetic in .243 and love it, and it does soak up abuse. As the .308 will be on ranges and deer only it might get a little more TLC. Also having a bit of extra weight will help with recoil.
    One more silly reason - at stupid o'clock, when I'm half asleep, I'll be able to tell which one I've got out of the cabinet!
    Thanks again, great forum

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