Hi All

I hope Admin don't mind if i give this a quick airing in this section on the off chance?...

I have advertised a 40' static caravan in the classified section but no response, as there is more overall viewing in gen' discussion someone just might be interested or know someone who is..

We have a 40' static caravan on our ground in South Ayreshire that was left by the last syndicate last year (didn't seem to be any incentive to move it after they lost the lease...), we have sighted our own better condition caravan so the forrestry group have given us permission to get rid of it by any means.

It requires some renovation but is water-tight and would be ideal for stalkers accomodation or general shooting syndicate cabin - so it's anyone's for 50 but they would need a low load truck to collect.

I can provide photos and discuss on the phone if anyone is interested.

Thanks admin if you can let this run for a day or two