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    Hot hot hot

    Is it me or is it just too hot for stalking?
    I was out today near Oxford on ground where the rut should b starting if not full swing. Not scrape, grunt or clank of antlers anywhere and as for seeing loads of beasts moving not a lot. To top it off I was drenched in sweat like I had ran a Marathon and lost a butler creek flip up cover. What I did see wasn't on the cull plan.

    What's everyone's views?

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    As Marti Pellow would say WET WET WET

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    Hot and wet that's how I like me women not me stalking lol

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    was at reading not too far from you on fri and it was just on the go there for me, bit cooler last fri though mind you i was well sweaty by the time i had finished

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    I'll prey for the weather god to bring temperatures down I think.

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