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Thread: Slug for Boar - only if you're close up!

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    Slug for Boar - only if you're close up!

    This little snippet gleaned from the minutes of the Devon & Cornwall Firearms Liasion Committee meeting earlier this year:

    "h Solid Slug
    The meeting was advised that DEFRA has stated that the
    minimum calibre for Wild Boar .270 cal., but that they
    have just advised that at CLOSE range solid slug can also
    be used."

    Question is, who will decide whether your shot was or wasn't at close range - the man from DEFRA with his tape measure, or the FEO using their tried and tested personal judgement? What is classified as 'close range' anyway? IMO unenforceable and uneccessary.

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    Even if "Close range" could be defined and this was then imposed as a condition, you could then be in a position where you couldn't take a follow-up shot if the placement of the first wasn't good

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