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Thread: PRIMOS Trigger Stick

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    PRIMOS Trigger Stick

    I have recently purchased a Primos Trigger Stick Tripod from Cabelas ( about £80) and would highly recommend it as a luxury shooting stick option.
    Very quick to deploy and unbeatable on uneven ground.
    Would I pay the £120 from Bushwear.......probs not but if you have any friends who are going to the States well worth asking them to pick one up for you.

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    Ben was looking at them from bush-wear, do the legs only extend downward and the head tilts, are they worth £120 plus carriage in your opinion, did you get yours from Cabalas? they do look a quick way to deploy. deerwarden

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    The legs extend downwards and can be pushed out with your fingers to spread their ground coverage.

    The head can be fixed into one position but still has some swivel and can also be set to rotate 360*

    What I really like about the sticks is that if you extend them too far and need to adjust the height you just pull the trigger and you are then able to move them up or down which also comes in handy for quick adjustment on uneven ground.

    I think Knoblock sticks are about £140 so in comparison I prefer the Primos and went for them.

    Build quality is excellent, I managed to get a family member to pop into a Cabelas and pick me up a set when they were on holiday in the USA which meant they cost about £80.

    Realistically though if the sticks were to enable you get an extra 3 Roe Does in your cull thats them bought and paid for at the Bushwear price in terms of venison sales?



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    I'm was on my fourth replacement of the promos trigger stick when I asked the shop to keep them and sell them on. Sadly they won't stand up up to the rigours of stalking wether it's the wet or what I don't know but got totally fed up when the legs were getting stuck and had to be returned and replaced.its sad really because they are a great idea silent in use easy to set up. Fold nicely when you get back to the car, but until they can sort the problem of legs jamming up then (or tell you how to fix them!) Then they are not worth buying. Sad because I really liked them.

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