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Thread: help wanted

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    help wanted

    advice needed i'm looking at buying a 22.250 rifle i'm on a bit of a tight budget i'm trying 2 decide between a cz550 or a tikka t3 lite so any help would be appreciated

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    I had a CZ/brno the trigger was a bit sticky, swapped for a tikka.

    I liked both rifles its down to personal choice mate.

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    How about a cheap Remington if you are on a tight budget

    .22"-250 Remington 700ADL 1" Rings and Base S/C S/H...........
    ...... £275-00

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    The Tikka T3 is an absolutly stunningly good rifle for the money.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkH
    The Tikka T3 is an absolutly stunningly good rifle for the money.

    But still a step backwards from the old 595/695 which it replaced.


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    i was put of buying a second hand gun because there is a good chance of the rifling in the barrel being a bit worn is there any other things i should look 4 or any advice that might help as you can tell i'm quite new 2 shooting

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    If it was a stalking rifle I would not be too worried in normal calibres, but seeing you are looking a at 22-250 I would be a bit more concerned about barrel condition but if you know the history of the rifle even a second-hand 22-250 could be a good buy.

    Most stalking/foxing rifles donít get that many rounds down them in a season.

    All the best


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    Phone BWM and ask if they have any Winchester Model 70 coyote Lite's left.

    Better spec than the Tikka !

    Stainless fluted barrel
    Stiff stock

    And even better Cheaper !!

    Must be good i bought one.

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    I know were there are a couple of Winchester Stealths in 223 WSSM, (22-250 and some) one with a moddy £280 and one with out is £200.

    Best rgds


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    were the stealths the cheap one ?

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