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Thread: Removing small rust patch on outside of barrel

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    Removing small rust patch on outside of barrel

    Can anyone tell me the best way to remove a small patch (4mm diameter) of rust near the muzzle end on my BSA .22? The rifle has just come back from being tuned by a well known air rifle engineer and he felt the original barrel wasn't accurate enough. He therefore replaced it with a second hand barrel that he had in the workshop and unfortunately it has this small patch of rust on it. It niggles me and I want to get rid of it

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    Get him to fix it, you are paying.

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    Otherwise fine wire wool with 3 in 1 oil and if you mark the blue touch in with a proprietry bluing product. I use the Birchwood Casey Presto pen.

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    Only use copper wood, (steel wood will encourage more RUST) & with some old engine oil, it will be superb .

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    As Mr You states, use no steel wool, All my workshop equipment is segregated, Stainless, & non ferrous one side (or marked) ferrous other side, the ruination that can be caused using ferrous contaminated tools etc on stainless jobs is really bad.

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    Ahhh one way to remove live rust that I have found works is to soak the rust spot in Parafin or white spirit the lift off the rust with something like a razor blade or a wood chisel. I lay the chisel flat on the usrface and just gently run it over the spot several times it will lift off the rust and leave the surface outwardly smooth. It cannot of course remove any pitting. It will leave a mark on the bluing, either a black one, or if harder rubbing was required a shiney one soa touch up with cold blue is then required after degreasing then oiling after bluing.

    Some years ago I spent some 20 odd hours doing this to an antique rifle removing live rust that soemone had allowed to go unchecked. I had to drive out the steel stock spacer for the rear tang screw and make a new spacer as the original was growing with rust and had strater to split to the wood. Ended up with a blunt Stanley wood chisel but stopped the rust

    Usign Cold blue cream I have found that using a small bit of wire wool to rub the cream in results in a more even colouration and it blends in better. After all bluing or blacking as it should be properly called is only controlled rusting .

    May I ask what model BSA you have had screw cut? my guess would be a Super Sport Five however I have seen Martini's turned into super rabbit stoppers. I wonder what was wrong with the original barrel the BSA ones were of really high quality.

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