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Thread: Roe Buck season query

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    Roe Buck season query

    A bit of a beginners question but why is the Roe Buck season different to the other species?


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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    A bit of a beginners question but why is the Roe Buck season different to the other species?

    It's a valid question mate. Roe rut much earlier in the year than the larger species (Jul/Aug) but that is almost irrelevant as we can shoot them during the rut.
    So..... here's another question..........
    Why is there a closed season at all for Roe Bucks?
    There are no deer welfare issues that I am aware of, so why not shoot them all year round???

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    for what its worth I think it was set with a degree of trophy hunting in mind and the old fashioned idea of leaving bucks with good heads to mate to improve quality. we now know that roe antler quality depends on a lot of factors.But antler quality is still an indicator so when they are cast assesment is more difficult.

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    There is NO spring hunting of Roebucks in Sweden, their season starts on August 16th and ends on October 1st.
    Sweden has the finest Roe generally in the world.
    Quality mature bucks pass on their seed and superior genetics before being bumped off by some greedy trophy hunter.
    Mother nature is permitted to conduct her affairs without the interference of stupid man.


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    The stalking of roe deer coincides with them developing there antlers. (Trophy hunting or leaving Trophies you choose ) With regards a welfare issue by removing a close season that is a debate that will go on and on. But i am sure if we remove a close season for all male deer we devalue the deer and turn them in to no more than vermin to be persecuted 24 - 7 day and night. If you manage deer then you will need to know what your good animals are this in roe deer is assessed by Body weight and antlers. You could be and would be shooting your best genetic specimens if the closed season was opened.


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    Swedish roe. [ 246.9 CIC points, Gold starts at 130 ! ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933 View Post
    Swedish roe. [ 246.9 CIC points, Gold starts at 130 ! ]

    World record or is it????Troubridges one scored higher
    The Europeans never acknowledged his head though,ballieism was mentioned
    So the head above is the world record roe head
    The 2 heads below it aren't small either,both solid golds I would venture to say
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    Ok thanks guys I'm not a trophy kind of hunter anyway and can't see myself becoming one to be honest. When I shoot now it is for pest control and to put food on the table. I'm a very long way off shooting anything but occasional muntjac and CWD and I'll only take these for the table when I get my variation in the spring and learn more between now and then,


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    Funny really because to me i would rather shoot a nice representative 6 pointer rather than those monsters.. Aesthetically they do nothing for me, just look awful, apart from maybe the bottom right, thats slightly more 'roe looking'!

    I believe the seasons were dictated by the ability to shoot them in hard antler and before they cast.. pretty much what roedeerred said.

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