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Thread: 25-06 calibre

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    25-06 calibre

    After all I am a novice and at the moment spending a lot of time researching as much info as I can .I have been hearing alot about .243
    .270 .308 and 30-06 but not a great deal about 25-06 why is this ,is it not a popular deer round if not why and can anyone tell me a little about it .
    thanks Brough

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    25-06 a very nice flat shooting calibre developed in the US for shooting across large distances at smallish game such as Pronghorm etc. My first deer were taken with a Sako TRGs in 25-06.

    25-06 will do everything the 243 will do, but does have a bit more recoil, muzzle blast etc - not that the recoil is an issue.

    270 - will shoot a bigger bullet - 25-06 standard is 120 grain, 270 will go up to 130 or 150 grain and is also flat shooting but a bit more versitile if wanting to shoot bigger stuff.

    30-06 / 308 - bigger bullets, slightly less flat shooting.

    25-06 is not as popular as the 243 / 270 / 308 so ammo will be a bit harder to find.

    But to be honest if you put identical rifles together that are of a reasonable weight (say 8 1/2 lbs ll up) and just of different calibre I think most of us would struggle to tell to the difference from behind the rifle and nor would the beast at the recieving end.

    But I would add if you ever are thinking of taking the rifle overseas I would ere towards the slightly larger calibre,

    But then for a novice the 243 is lovely and mild and easy to shoot and learn on.

    Key is to have a rifel that fits and you know you can hit what you aim at - confidence is everything.

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    Thanks for your time guys ,very interesting,I,m no where near yet to purchasing a rifle but I want to find out what you guys use ,So it looks like the .243 is a fairly common round does what it says on the tin and a good choice of ammo. The deer down this way are mainly roe and muntjac unless you get onto one of the parks and then fallow etc. Thanks Brough.

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    If I was you, I would look at the 6.5x55. It is more versatile than the .243, harder hitting than the 25-06, mild recoil and inherently accurate. This calibre will drop any species in this country.


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    Yeah, I agree. Look at the bullet weight in grains that you can use in the calibre you are going to choose.
    If you were to choose 6.5 or 7mm then you could shoot 130-150 gn bullets, which would be preferable for a whole range of species in comparison to the .243's 100gn max bullet weight. Mind you, I was keen to get the right rifle from the word go,so didn't want to loose money on having what was referred to earlier as a beginers calibre.

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    I have owned and shot the 25-06. It's not a very effecient cartridge and somewhat of a barrel burner. It does kill deer sized game well when mated with the proper loads. I have seen elk killed with it. (Oddly, the worst kill I ever saw was made with a 25-06. Took 7 shots to down a mule deer doe weighing 90 pounds and then she got finished off with a knife.)

    I would recommend a 30-06, myself. It's accurate, powerful, legal everywhere for big game and (if my 1903 Service Rifles are any gauge) very good on barrel life. Bullet weights can be had between 55 grain sabotted .224 bullets to 220 grain torpedoes for the largest game. ~Muir

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    i have and do use a 25-06 for deer here in the uk shooting 100grn bullets iv killed red stags/does ,fallow bucks/does with it all have died with one shot ..nothing wrong with the cal at all if people cant shot then they will wound animals no matter what cal they are useing ..i find it a very good round to use ..i dont feel no kick off the rifle but it dont half get there and does its job with out makeing a mess like a .243 will make ..

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    I have a Sako finnlite 25,06 and only had it for a few months. I have shot Roe Fallow and Munti with it and killed all with one shot. I use 115gr ballistick home loads. I have been taking my level one this week and two or more people have said these rounds are not very good on bigger Deer as you don't get an exit from them I should be using soft nose. I questioned them and they said on long shot's. Is this true has anyone else found this problem.

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    Not all .243's will shoot 100grain, I had a Sako .243 once, real beauty, heaviest bullet 90grain. Steve.

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    Finnish, there are two ways to look at bullet pass through.
    1 if the bullet passes clean through there will be two possible places for a blood trail to follow, but, the bullet has not expended all its energy on the target.
    2 if the bullet has not passed through then all the available energy has been absorbed by the target animal and there will of course only be one blood source.
    Each to their own, but my own view is that I like to have all the energy contained within the beast.
    My own experience with the 25-06 on some large woodland red stags is that with a well placed chest shot taking the top of the heart and shocking the vital nerves in that region that the beasts have dropped to the shot and while a few have made it back to their feet for a couple of seconds I have not had a runner. I used 115g Nos' Bal' tips. Bullets are often found just under the skin on the far side. The same round exits roe but is not too damaging for meat.
    I personally favour the 25-06 over the 6mms due to the extra energy available and the fact that there are very few rifling twist issues with the comonly available bullets. Recoil in average weight rifles is not punishing and is most certainly less than 30-06.
    Just my own thoughts. Anyone who buys a mainstream rifle in a mainstream calibre will get on better with it if it is bought with their own opinion rather than picking against their will a calibre recommended by another person.

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