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Thread: Norma 6.5x55 ammo prices

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    Norma 6.5x55 ammo prices

    Hi all,
    Any ideas on how much I should be purchasing Norma 6.5x55 120grains BST for? I have been currently purchasing them for a 39.00 for 20.

    Thanks in advance

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    Not the cheapest, but there are a lot of dealers that are more expensive....around 43/box from some in this area.

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    I just fell in lucky, got 300 rounds of winchester 140gn at 15 a box and my tikka loves em


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  5. #5 those prices I am happy enough to stick to PPV 156gr SP at 9.50 for a box of 20!
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    That's shocking.

    The Norma ammo #65222 is loaded with 120grain Nosler Ballistic Tips, so nothing special.

    I can turn the identical load out for 55 per 100 - NBT's (@38/100), powder 14, primers 3....... so 11 for 20 which isn't far short of Prvi-P pricing.
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    I bought some Norma 30/06 here recently. 35/20.

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    i paid the same month ago shot a good buck and a pricket last week 67kg and 32kg at 2/kg ,shot 4 fallow prickets week before that and stiil have 34 bullets left out of the 40 i bought ,not bad value !!!!!!!

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    Seems the going rate same price for 243 Norma. Norma you are right one bullet pays for a box of twenty and a pint.
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