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Thread: 243 or 6.5x65 which is best

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    243 or 6.5x65 which is best

    i normally use a 30 06 but i want to buy a secound rifle at the moment i`ve got a slot on my ticket for a 243 but i hered a lot negetives about the 243 ie not up to the job to small etc i`d be using it for fox roe and fallow but would i be better off with a 6.5 x55 i`ve spoken to my feo he`s not got a problem with me having either which one would be best one to have whats your opinion
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    243 not up to the job LOL i will have to ask the fallow bucks that are hanging in the chiller !!!243 bloody good calibre so is 6.5x55 your choice both will be a good one to own

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    Either would do the job just fine.
    Try not to listen too hard to the negatives of the .243, it is the most popular calibre in the UK for a reason.
    As with all calibres its about bullet placement.
    Both rounds will be nice to shoot, low recoil etc.

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    Grant as I have pointed out in the past it's the most popular because to the Police it's the minimum legal calibre and they simply love the word minimum. The amount of new shooters and those requesting a rifle for deer are pushed onto the .243 as it's the minimum. I can recall being told that the .308 is too large for deer and 303 ............... much sucking of teeth no way as that's a military calibre.. Ok says I ................................... I have been offered a nice 7.7mm ........................... Hmmm never heard of one of those says FEO.... 7.7x56R is the metric designation for 303 British . They finally settled on my using my .270 win as my first stalking rifle.

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    I agree with Brit, the .243 is the minimum allowed for most deer so most shooters buy one as their first rifle.
    I did.
    I had 2 before I tried many other calibres.
    I still get many shooters using a .243 very well.
    But it is limited to bullet weight and kills with speed.(this often leaves bruising).
    I personally like heavier bullets for woodland as they will get through when a .243 won't.
    The 6.5 is a great calibre I wish i'd had one years ago.
    I think the 6.5 with a 140gr bullet is the best place to start with any deer in most situtions.
    Heavy slow bullets kill very well indeed and do little damage in my experience.
    Up to 200m's drop isn't a big issue either.

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    Thanks for that Brit,
    I used a .243 for everything from a Munty to a Red and it did everything I asked of it.
    However I now use a .308 , I did think about the 6.5 though

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    I am a 6.5 fan now I have a lite rifle I use it most of all.I have a243 shot with it and others for years before getting 6.5.
    Most important is to put the fast moving lead and copper bit in the right place

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    I've just traded in my 243 for a 6.5x55 and I have no regrets, don't get me wrong the 243 was excellent, but my new 6.5 is so much sweeter


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    Sweedy Mau is the only additional calibre I would consider adding to my cabinate

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