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Thread: our first driven day of the year tomorrow

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    our first driven day of the year tomorrow

    our first driven day of the year is almost upon us and I am quite excited,when I say excited I mean I have been not really interested at work,distracted and even a bit giddy allday.For the last couple of hours I have cleaned my boots,dug out my wellies and the shooting stick,ironed a shirt and my breeks,loaded up the catridge belt,found my shooting socks,couldnt make up my mind which shooting jacket to take and dug out my 686 game gun ( handled it for 10 minutes ) and then put it back.Just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow and its sunny allday ( 16 degrees celcius ) in our neck of the woods..........I hate shooting game in hot/warm weather just doesnt feel right !

    Does anybody else go through this ritual,thats if you can call it a ritual.

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    Evening mate,
    All that, and you know that your only going to miss.
    Hope you have a great day.

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    2nd day for us ,we shot in 29 degrees 2 wks ago not very enjoyable i have to say ,good luck for tomorrow

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    4th day for us and just as excited as it was the 1st

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    best of luck.
    I have so far shot and beat in summer temps and blasting sunshine and never ending rain.
    Lets hope the sesons settle soon

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    hello trev and norma,Our shoot postponed the first 2 shoots as the birds were not ready and I believe this has been a problem nationally this year.I think we will all have to be a bit sensible and let the squeakers go by as they will make better birds in a month or so,any way I am looking forward to seeing the lads again and I am sure we will have a good day come what may,regards lee

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    my phezs want a bit longer really parts and ducks are ready ,we need a bit of cold weather to tighten up the birds still lots of wild grub about not really eating the wheat here ,i have put more water out than normal with the drought

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    There is nothing like the anticipation. Have a great day.

    Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.. What's hit is history, what's missed is mystery.

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    Hello stone,the pheasants just havnt grown quick enough,so not muscling up or feather up quick enough.The shoot puts down 800-ish every year (some poults bought in and some from caught up birds ) and the same feeds and methods have been used as usual,lee

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