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Thread: Inthe seat first light .

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    Inthe seat first light .

    I recently put up a high seat overlooking some tree plantings that the deer are hammering .The plantation is fenced on three sides but not on the railway embankment side due to some red tape im told .The deer have found a way around the main fencing and hop over the four foot with ease so its my job to reduce the browsing to a minimum .The landowner saw seven deer in there last week so hopes were high that maybe one was a buck .The seat covers an area where ive seen them in there most but theres still a portion that is unreachable due to a hedge but you cant have it all .I was in the seat well before dawn with bright moonlight ,seeing a fox in the bins but not able to pick it out clearly in the scope so i watched him go about his thing for a while before he disappeared in the embankment .As dawn arrived ,sure enough there were the deer but only 4 visable ,all does and all at my extreme right where i had to crane my neck in the bins to get a look .I waited hoping a buck would show closer but no show . A muntjac buck came out of the hedge behind me to my left and only 20 yds away .The rifle was pointed to the front so a series of moves was needed to get the scope on him and a further wait before a shot presented .He was face on so the shot was limited to a neck unless he turned but he made the decision for me by looking over his shoulder and a high neck shot rolled him over ,taking out the lower jaw as well .A fine munty with a 4 point head and a stocky build .Waited a while longer as the roe were now milling about but still no buck .Im concious they are shedding here at the moment so a good study was made of each roe but i new they were all does without the bins .Got down out the seat for the gralloch as i has work to do and just as i hit the ground a munty doe showed to my right ,saw me and ran back in . Im going to start a bucks only policy on munties so no worries there .

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    Good man,shame about the Roe of course. A Buck only policy......good boy!


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    Nice one foxdropper. A good looking bit of ground.
    The sub orbital glands are a fair size on him mate A nice buck


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    great little spot. and nice munty

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    Nice one FD , my favourite spot Good to see the munties are showing up there. I bet you cant wait til start of season to mop those does up..........

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    Nice one Tim


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