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Thread: Latest knife project

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    Latest knife project

    Just recently finished this knife for a gamekeeper.

    3mm 01 Tool steel with Barasingha antler scales.
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    thats bloody nice mate, he,s got to be well happy with that

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakowsm View Post
    thats bloody nice mate, he,s got to be well happy with that
    Thanks mate. I think he was chuffed when he got it! Took an evil edge that one, scared the shiite out of him!

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    Hi all,

    Apparently site admin have had a few complaints from people because i don't have trade membership. I can't understand why because i haven't actually advertised any of my knives for sale or said that i take commissions. All the knives I've put on here have been ones that I've done for friends and family and i posted them in the hope that I'd get some constructive criticism, but all I've had in the few comments that have been posted have been compliments.

    To this end, and for the benefit of whoever sees me as competition enough to complain about my threads, i can't take commissions from the site.

    All the best,


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    Nice knives mate.

    Seems some folk maybe have too much time on there hands !!

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    hi pal, lots of lovely work in those knives, do you use blanks ok make the blades from scratch ?
    all the best

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    Thanks fellas.

    I start with a piece of 01 tool steel gauge plate, mark out the profile of the knife i want out of it, and then with a bench grinder and files do all the shaping around the profile and put on a bevel with the files. The process is known as 'stock removal' knife making, as opposed to forging the shape out of one piece of steel and not grinding any off. Once all the metal work is done, (not forgetting to drill the holes for the pins! Did that once and then had to drill for ages in hardened steel!) the now finished blank is heat treated. Mine all average about 58.1 RC hardness.

    I've made one knife with someone elses blade blank, a Scandinavian style stick tang. It was good fun, but it's not knife making exactly, just handling and sheathing. It is however a great way to get a blade shape that takes your fancy and making it your own with the handle materials of your choosing, and they're a damn site cheaper! Scandi blades all heat treated and most of the way sharp can be had for as little as 35-40.

    It really is remarkably easy to turn out a perfectly useable knife with just a few basic tools, doesn't have to be a masterpiece. There's a few guys out there that can do all your heat treating for you, which is a bit of an art in itself to get it just right without warping the steel in the quench! Good old Youtube has a wealth of good and bad videos that cover every aspect of it.
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