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Thread: nikon spotting scopes

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    nikon spotting scopes

    looking at getting a spotting scope and i have seen a nikon one at the price i,m wanting to pay, anyone any experiences of them? thanks

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    no experiences of spotting scopes but their scopes and binos are superb

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    Not nikon sorry, but was out on the fells the other week and used a swarovski one. We looked through our swarovski bins first looking for herds then switched to the spotting scope. While we could tell the difference between stags and hinds through the bins couldn't make out the points of the antlers useing bins but the spotting scope could. Prob at a distance of up to 1000yds ish ?

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    Moley, I have a Nikon spotting scope, I use it for range work though, rather than taking it on the hill, good quality, well made , well priced.
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    thanks guy,s, i ordered one ,should be here tommorow

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