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Thread: Bino holder

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    Bino holder

    Has anyone got, tried or brought one from a uk supplier. The s4 lockdown bino holder system. If so can I have views please.

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    If you are talking about the style that traps tour binos against your chest to keep them out the way when crawling or climbing gates, I'd love to know where to get them. Saw them a long time ago, but can't remember where!


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    If you fail to find anything suitable, a temporary fix is put one arm through your bino strap, & tuck bino's under arm.
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    LockDown | S4Gear

    This is the link to manufacture website i have had email chat about the cammo one and asked them why it's only the back. They will be developing a full cammo fronted one in 2012 about March. As far as I know there is no uk distributor.

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    Nice big bright logo and manufacturers name on that one!

    Niggeloh do a retaining strap system - not sure if you can order direct as the online store is down at the moment.

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    I agree with you on logo checked your link out as well. I emailed because of the logo and lack of cammo.

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    my frustration with these sorts of slings is if you are crawling around and hot and sweaty the lenses get dirty and fogged up pretty easily. If the lockdown properly seals the lenses up then it might get my vote...

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    Fieldsports tv did a field test of the lockdown by editor of sporting shooter. He liked it and it does seem to do what the tin says.

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    i have them got them in the usa .you can buy them from bushwear.i like them

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