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Thread: .243 mod fit a 6.6 x 55?

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    .243 mod fit a 6.6 x 55?

    quick question gents. would the mod(pes t12) i have on my .243 fit a 6.5 x 55? taking for granted that the thread would be cut the same..
    regards, Jez.
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    Correct size for any mod is 1mm dia more than bore size ie; 6mm bullet 7 mm bore for mod.
    suggest you get your calipers out and mesure hole in mod very carefully otherwise it could cost you much more than a new mod

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    I'm not too familiar with the PES T12 but according to the website it can be used for rifles ranging from .17 to .308, so it should be suitable for a 6.5x55.

    Here is a link to the website where I got my info

    JMS Arms - MAE Sound Moderators


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    My Pess t12 was marked up to .243, the bore measured out at .278 so no way would a .308 have worked, they must do at least 2 sizes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    My Pess t12 was marked up to .243, the bore measured out at .278 so no way would a .308 have worked, they must do at least 2 sizes.

    be very careful and check if there is any markings on your sound moderator, if it is marked up to .243 then don't use it on a 6.5x55.

    Follow reodeerrd's advice and measure the bore diameter of the sound moderator, if you are still unsure go to a R.F.D. and seek advice.


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    Wildcat p8 do a cal specific and for what your looking for it would be a 270 cal, 243 would be very tight. Woodydog

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    If you have any concerns, send the mod to you smith and have him run a drill bit up it to suit. I have a one ASE working on three different rifles.

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    I always by hand, place a pieace of amunition through the end of any entry/exit of a moderator to the calibre that is chosen for the moderator as a trial regaurds weather it say 308 etc just as a pieace of mine mind.
    So if it is a 308 moderator try a 308 round through it by HAND first.

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    As Claret dabbler said I would take the mod to a smith to he sure as it is not worth the chance that its not correct size

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    Seeing as most gunshops do not have a Gunsmith might it not be a better idea to contact the manufacturer of the moderator. I brought a Wildcat P8 and due to a mix up in the shop instead of a .30 cal one ended up with a .243 one. Luckily being nosy I stripped it and tried a .30 cal bullet in the baffles as they looked a mite small to me. No go so some searching on the web then a phone call to the manufactures revealed in fact I had a .243 moderator .

    Now luckily I wanted it for use on a 25-06 and the manufacutrers assured me that if the threading was true then it was fine to use on the .25cal. later I tried a 6.5mm bullet and it had clearance so have also used the .243 P8 on the 6.5x55 rifle with no problems however this was with a Wildcat P8 and your PES might be different so check with the people who made it as let's face a lot of staff in gunshops have not got an idea of what they are waffling on about. Sure there are some good shops but there are a lot of no so good as well.

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