1 large tub of double cream
4 - 6 Pheasent / Partridge breasts
1 Very large glass of brandy
Salt & Pepper

As you add the brandy this will thin the cream, if it gets too thin for your liking add corn flower.

Pan Fried Pheasant Breasts

Preparation Time: 0 Hours & 30 Mins

Cooking Time: 0 Hours & 0 Mins

Lightly fry the breasts in butter. Then add the brandy to the pan, it should fire up, burn off the alcohol (dont worry if the flames get a bit high!!!) Then add the cream to the pan. Add salt and pepper. Let simmer for a few minuets and then serve.
Serving Suggestion
Serve with roasted mushrooms and steamed carrots. The sauce is rich so dont make the veg.

Note: When you