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Thread: Swiss Arms SHR 970 .308

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    Swiss Arms SHR 970 .308

    For sale Swiss Arms SHR970 .308
    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Please find for sale my SHR 970 rifle in .308 calibre. It has served me very well and they are very underrated imho.
    I'm selling this now as i have moved away from .308 after shooting it for the last three years, and have just purchased a 7x57.

    Last summer i had the stock refinished by SSS in black with a black speckled effect and they're finish was and is very good. The stock is synthetic and although slim is very solid and the rifle balances very nicely.
    The rifle has seen 200 rounds with me and is shooting well under an inch with my home loads ( data can be supplied to the buyer).
    The rifle does have marks to the barrel and action from use ( see pics once there up) it has been used on the hill and dragged through woods, up and down high seats e.t.c. The barrel and action are coated in iflacon an all weather coating.
    It comes with 2x mags, 1 for .308 and one that will need some fettling to accept .308 rounds.
    As you'd expect from a Sauer the bolt action is slick & silky smooth in its operation, its throw is 60 degrees which feels funny at first but does make for quick reloading.
    Also the rifle is screwcut 1/2" UNF
    Priced at a very reasonble *reduced to 350* I will also ship the rifle to an rfd of your choice if you cant collect at the buyers cost.

    Any questions please pm me or post on the thread.
    Many thanks
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    the are grate rifles i have a luxus in 30 06 & 25 06 any pictures of the 308 as i have slot on my fac

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    Pictures will be up at some point tomorrow. Work has gotten in the way today.


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    Much underrated rifles best of luck with the sale.



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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the nice words & i agree they are fantastic rifles.

    Please find some pictures now attached to the main advert. apologies im no photographer!!


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    Hi, I have just got one in .223 and looking forward to shooting it, you say you have a spare mag that needs some work to fit .308 rounds in it, I dont suppose its a magazine for .22 calibre rounds? If so perhaps a deal can be struck?

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    alot of poeple dont no that they are switch barrel rifles like a Sauer but i dont know how many barrels came over

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    Quote Originally Posted by boar & deer View Post
    alot of poeple dont no that they are switch barrel rifles like a Sauer but i dont know how many barrels came over
    Yes I'm aware they are a switch model and if you wanted it in a calibre not listed Borders carry adapters that fit the SHR and you can have it in any calibre you fancy.

    Markha sorry no. It's stamped for 7mm rem mag/300 wm


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    someone buy the bloody thing before me and our lass fall out!

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