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Thread: 22-250 Advice please

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    22-250 Advice please

    Planning on a session of target shooting soon, thinking of firing appox 150rds or so, and my question is; after how many rds would you take a break(to allow cooling)and at any point would you think of cleaning during the session?
    Many thanks Lee

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    That will depend largely on the profile of your barrel. You don't want to be firing more than about five shots in a string through a light weight, sporter barrel, but a heavier varmint style tube should be able to put up with a steady rate of fire for considerably more shots before accuracy starts to drop off and you need to let things cool down a bit.
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    Also depends how 'hot' your loads are, I've got a varmint type barrel on mine and usually dont go beyond 5 shots before leaving it to cool a wee bit. Cleaning wise I never leave it longer than 25-30 shots before a proper clean, after that accuracy starts to drop off.

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    lee there is "No correct" answer to this as nearly every barrel is a law unto itself. Some shoot better when fouled others don't like being fouled much and some won't group a darn until they're fouled a bit. Likewise some barrels shoot well hot others hate grouping when hot.

    Now the only way you really going to find out what your rifle likes is to shoot it. If yours is one that does not like much fouling it will let you know as grouping will open up. It's then time to clean. As to shooting hot .............................................. well my idea of hot may be different to yours but if the barrel is too hot to hold then IMHO it's time to let it cool down unless of course it's bee heated by the sun then it's your call all the way..

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    If you want to know anything about target shooting I would contact Gillie Howe http://www.modernandantiquefirearms....022/frames.php at Modern and Antique.

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    lee-as has been said already if you have a sporter type barrel profile this will heat up much more quickly than a varmint/heavy barrel.I had a tikka 595 which was quite accurate up to 3 shots-if I tried a string of four the last was always a flier by about 2/3 inches.a.t.b.Richard.

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