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Thread: Hi fellow shooters

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    Hi fellow shooters

    I decided to join here after somone saying there was some good info on here.

    Been shooting now for nearly 35 years and do a mixture of hunting stalking and target shooting.

    Shot my way trough a few calibres in my time always used to be like a kid in a sweetie shop when I went near our local gun smiths.

    My three big passions are stalking, teaching people to shoot properly and acurately, loading and load development.

    At present have a 6mm PPC for foxing, 6.5x55 & 270WSM for stalking and a .338 WinMag for abroad.

    Realy looking forward to learning new things from all out there and hope in turn can help others if I have the knowledge to do so.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi mate,6mmppc great calibre,worked on an estate in sweden where the keeper had one,he was regularly taking foxes out at 250 yards plus,i know most people are handloading,but do you know if factory loads are available in the uk,haven't seen any so far?

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    Hi Welcome. Not used a 6mmppc. How does it compare with a 223

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