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Thread: 10m Tracking Lead.......Recommendations

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    10m Tracking Lead.......Recommendations

    I'm looking to buy a decent 10m tracking leash for my large GWP..........any recommendations please..... What works well for you? and why?


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    Horse lunge lead. Get a nylon one rather that a webbing type one so that it slips through the undergrowth. Alternatively, you can simply buy tape by the metre from chandler and add a clip yourself. JC

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    Can recommend Niggeloh tracking leash. Good quality leash that does not tangle easily.

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    go to muntjacstalking you will find what you need there,quality gear at a good price.

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    OR Stalkers UK 29.00

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    Do you happen to know any sheep farmers... if so the straps from one of the drench bottles (cant rem which)will do the trick, just stitch 3 or 4 together.....

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    I use one of these and it's excellent hard wearing and very durable and friendly on the hands!

    Bloodtracking - Rescue Canine

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    Local saddler makes them for me in black with brass fittings for 10.

    can get one made and sent to you if you like

    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEL243 View Post
    go to muntjacstalking you will find what you need there,quality gear at a good price.
    He sells BodoBande leads which are the best IMHO on the market. The maker is a HMH tracker and has done ca. 55 tracks already this year and he puts his experience into his products.

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