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Thread: woodcock

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    Anyone any reports of woodcock yet ?

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    If you are really into Woodcock, they are as common as sparrows on Arran.
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    Not just Arran but the west coast in general, may be odd ones arrive this month but don't expect to see any great number until next months full moon.

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    Had one over the guns on Exmoor on Monday but only one seen all day

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    We need a bit of hard weather to bring them down to the Westcountry, won't be here in any numbers till later in the year.

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    Out lamping Friday night and saw the first 2 of the season.Winter's coming.

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    Shouldnt be long but certainly a nice frost or two will no doubt see them arriving.
    Fantastic little birds and always a joy to see. Can remember seeing one ' square up ' to Sparrow Hawk that had taken a pass at it a miniature Black Cock, wings spread and rotating round as the hawk tried to move in. Gave up in the end a both flew off. Missed the deer I was going for while watching it !!!!

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    One this morniing in the pinewood

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    I shot my first woodcock of the year on saturday, in the falkirk area.

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    Flushed 2 yesterday while beating but they are more likely resident we get a few that seem to stay every year, next moon and a bit of hard weather before we see good numbers. Last year was a bumper in my neck of the woods.

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