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    Hi Everyone

    Hi, I'm so new to stalking that I've not actually been...! I have recently joined a local rifle club to help bring my grouping down and joined the BDS in Feb this year. Today I went to Attingham Deer Park and met with some very knowledgable people. I plan on going on some stalks this winter and completing DSC1 next year. I was in the TA for 6 years so have quite a lot of full bore experience and safety training.

    I haven't bought any clothing yet as I'd rather buy 1 set of clothing that's right than have to buy a 2nd set because I didn't get it right first time. I'd love the privilege to go out with an experianced stalker shadowing them to gain field craft. I would also welcome any recomendations for staking agents in my area who welcome novices, I fully expect to travel as I know there is limited deer in my vicinity.

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    Welcome fella, just think again about one set of gear though, you may like to be out on the hill for a couple of days, nothing I can think of worse than wet stalking gear, at 04.30 in the morn!
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    Welcome to the site,

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    Thanks for the advice, what would you suggest for clothing and general kit?

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    Take ya time, use what ya got , & live the life.

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