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Thread: Do deer eat Rape?

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    Do deer eat Rape?

    Simple enough question really.......or is it?

    I have heard conflicting opinions on this and have heard the odd bit about 'rape blindness', aparrently in Roe.

    So, does anyone have the lowdown on rape grazing. All species, or just one or two????

    Any other arable crops that specifically attract the deer from a feeding point of view? Beans, Wheat, Barley, Peas?

    I know that anyone trying to cultivate Ivy would have a job on their hands with roe about!

    I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

    All the best,

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    yes if they are hungry

    Im also told they dont like sheep but I often see them in the same fields.

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    I have seen lots or Roe eating rape, both mature & growing rape that is & they do love to hang about in the waist high rape.

    Roe also seem to love Fodder Beat-as we have 1 field planted on the estate & they are mad for the stuff!

    We also have problems with big herds of fallow grazing out & mixing with the sheep, they dont seem to bother about each other being there at all.

    Regards Lee

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    Lee forgot to mention that corn is like candy for the fallow.

    The bucks seem to love it in late summer and it gives them about an inch and a half of fat on their saddle and around their kidneys before the rut begins....

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    But you must aways be advised to have a loaded rifle whilst hunting them-or one day a bigun may cross your path & you will have to throw rocks at it!


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    Sorry about that, I am sure you are always fully loaded now, I have the same problem with the other estate, whenever I drive past the front fields without the rifle case in the car there are 50+ fallow out on that stubble field & if I take the rifle & happen to drive past there is not a bugger in sight.

    One day real soon I will catch up with them I guess.


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    They do but it can scour them in winter if they eat to much....eddie.....

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    nice bit of footage apollo
    here are a few fallow

    did hav a bit of footage with some munties in, but could not see them in the rape

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    Stone, do you see the fallow scouring in the winter, or do they not bother with it then....

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