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Thread: Red deer call

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    Red deer call

    WItch red stag call is the best, and easiest for first time users ? Thanks for any reply

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    Don't waste your money there is no such thing for reds.

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    Try it like this:

    The good, the bad, and the just plain hilarious.

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    I've called out a Red with an old army trip flare tube in the past, danpd will confirm that. I've been told that an old whisky bottle tube works as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mullbiker View Post
    Don't waste your money there is no such thing for reds.
    No such thing you say, well i have been twice in the last 2 weeks and have called and shot a stag on both occasions! The one i had this weekend was called away from a hind from at least half a mile across a wooded valley! That was using a length of 50mm flexible conduit.

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    mullbiker sadly mistaken im afraid i bought one seven years ago and would never leave home without it when after stags !!!!

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    when we went to nz the guys out there used tubing we had a demo one night ,we was told not to sound too loud you want to sound like a young stag not bellow out like a dominant stag to draw them in lots of vids on youtube and the nz hunting sites it does seam to work,atb wayne

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    gts - get yourself a fine plastic inner tube from a fax paper roll. Cut it about 4" long.With a bit of practise you can produce, admittedly, a much weaker call of varying ages but it works fine during the rut when the beasts are working on half a brain - and that half secured between their rear legs. A 'young' call will bring forth an approach for investigation. A more mature call might bring forth rapid reprisal at the trot so ensure that you ARE carrying a rifle and that you are prepared to shoot the animal you are teasing as a suitable cull.

    I was once chased off the hill by a cheesed-off stag after teasing him. It was a downhill run. I didn't habe a rifle but I didn't fall - 'Not sure I was touching the ground either, but what saved me was that the old fellow didn't want to leave his girls for too long and was satisfied to chase me off. I never repeated that game.
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