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Thread: Aggressive Roe doe.

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    Aggressive Roe doe.

    A couple I know are having trouble with an aggressive Roe doe. Their house has a very large garden surrounding it (effectively a small woodland) and the trouble started during the rut when the deer charged at them when taking their cocker spaniel for a walk. At the time I assumed it was a buck but it turns out it is a doe with a single kid which is charging them when they walk the dog, and it is still continuing to do so now. The deer is actually attacking the dog more than its human companion, and has made contact at least once, the old spaniel is now scared to go out for his daily walks and the couple themselves arm themselves with sticks before they set off! The worse attack happened on their driveway just outside the front door of the house. I took the spaniel for a walk last week to see for myself and although I saw her and the kid she did not attack, she did though walk parallel with me 40 metres away, certainly unusual behaviour for a Roe.

    I think that the problem lies with the fact that the resident deer have become so used to seeing them out and about in the garden that they have ceased to be scared of humans. The Does protective nature over her kid now overcomes her fear of humans so she 'attacks' whenever she thinks the dog has strayed too close (the dog is normally walked on a lead).

    Although they love to see the deer, especially when the whole family group is couched down in the sun on their lawn, I think the only real solution is a bullet. Especially as they are both getting on a bit and their is a real possibility of this deer causing a serious mishap.

    Anyone else come across this kind of behaviour before ?
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    Yes it often happens we have one about a mile away charges the choclate lab almost every day she has twins to protect.I have walked her and the twins half a mile away yet she goes back to the same spot within a day or so.
    We had one butted a terrier into a ditch once she was very bold but you my find as we did within the next month or so they stop being so protective,just when the doe season started as you can imagine just when I had convinced the land owner she would taste good.

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