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Thread: primers for 7mm-08

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    primers for 7mm-08

    hi all,

    I have been using cci benchrest primers over vit n-140 in norma cases 139gn btsp heads, geting reasonable results so far but not got a long way into developing the load and I am running out of primers, so just thought I would ask if anyone has found that a particular brand or type of primer shoots better in 7mm-08.

    btw have found that it seems to like to be seated fairly close to the lands (.005) has anyone any experience seating on the lands.

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    I use Federal GM210M primers, Norma brass, 140 Gn NBT or Accubonds, seated 30 thou off the lands over 40.5 Gns RL15. Gives 2835 fps, 11 fps ES, under .5 MOA if I do my bit.
    It works for me and the deer hate it

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    We use CCI magnum primers and Hodgsons Varget powder, have tried a few different makes / models of primers when CCI's haven't been available and haven't noticed any drastically different results. Regards position in relation to the lands - every rifle is different so what works for one might not work for another, if you've found a point that gives good results, stick with it.

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    Im not far off what Tikka is doing, Federal 210 Match primers, using nosler custom brass with 40gn H4895 and 140gn VLDs. Im getting very consistent sub 0.5MOA accuracy from it. Its seated 30 thou or so off the lands. Its doing just under 2800fps with a similar ES of around 10fps

    I compared the CCI primer against Federal 210s last year with my .308 and found with that rifle, the federals gave better results.. marginally!

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    I have been using CCI 200 Long Rifle primers with Vit N140 to good effect.

    I found .020" off the lands worked best for my rifle/load combination

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    Thanks for the replies so far, all interesting. Will have to bite the bullet, so to speak and make my choice of primer by the end of the week.

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    I don't use magnum primers unless the powder burning rate is slower than IMR 4350. I have never found it necessary. Remember to reduce your load and work up when you switch primers.

    As to seating to the lands; not recommended in hunting loads. I'm glad you can hold .005" off of the lands with your reloading gear and the bullets you're using but should something go amiss and you jam a bullet into the rifling, you could pay Hell if you need to unload the rifle and leave the bullet in the throat. I have read about possible pressure spikes loading into the lands but i haven't seen it happen I routinely seat heat treated lead alloy bullets into the rifling -hard- for target shooting with no problems. I also fireform brass when reforming cartridge cases by seating the bullet out into the throat so that the case is supported between throat and the bolt face during ignition. All that said, seating to the lands not necessary for accuracy. Factory OAL is usually the neighborhood to play in.~Muir

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