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Thread: Lowland deer conference peebles 14 november

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    Lowland deer conference peebles 14 november

    Who will be going or will it be a waste of time.

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    A Network of all those with an interest in Deer Management within the Lowlands of Scotland. Sounds good but what does a recreational stalker get for his £25 joining fee? Will this create opportunities for the local guy to be involved in Deer Management in his area rather than Forestry Companies leasing ground to the highest bidders who only wish the ground to hold onto their FAC and take trophy bucks.

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    What joining fee? I thought it was free event?

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    Von, To attend the Conference is free but to thereafter join the Lowland Deer Network will cost £25.

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    Thanks Gazza, im going for a nose so i will make up my mind on what they are trying to achieve etc before i potentially join!

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    As you say it will be interesting to see whether it is a sales pitch or something very genuine.
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    There is already a thread on this topic.

    and all being well, I plan to attend.

    Regards JCS

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    Will also be attending + 3 others to find out that it is all about - until we do will reserve judgement!

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