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Thread: Stock for Remington 700 cdl/bdl .243 Short Action

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    Stock for Remington 700 cdl/bdl .243 Short Action

    Hi Guys ,
    I am looking for a replacement stock for my Remington 700 .243 SA as mine is damaged , sporter barrel .
    Any stock considered as long as its a cheap
    Anyone have anything ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Remy Stock

    Adl or Bdl ?
    I have a Laminated Bdl stock I imported from USA.
    It was a Williams Micro Fit, I was supposed to rub it down and finish it myself but I got so far and then decided to Marine Varnish it instead, then decided to change my rifle so still have it.
    You can have it for fifty quid, or collect for forty, if it's of any use to you.

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    I have a S/A Stock from an SPS here its the black molded plastic one, you could have it for 40 posted

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    I also have a black plastic type stock made by Ramline, you can have for 40.00
    I don't know how far you are from me but if it wasn't far we could meet up and you could see them both, this and the other from my first post.

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    I have a BDL stock you can have for free but you will need to pick it from me. I can take it to work in Bracknell.


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    All sorted now...

    Thanks very much for all your offers and information guys it is appreciated.

    Big thanks to Stephenl , catch up this week.


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    is the laminated stock still for sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by bronson-2007 View Post
    is the laminated stock still for sale
    Are you referring to my post ?
    If so, yes it is.

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