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Thread: Versitile sticks

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    Versitile sticks

    Forget the bipods and quad sticks.
    A set of spiked telescopic are all you need. (these are made without the stupid strap at the top which serves no real purpose anyway).
    My set are made by a local friend and i have sold him loads.
    Took these this morning whilst we waited for a buck to reappear from cover, just for an example 6ft+ clients can shoot stood off em or laid prone.

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    The best ideas are always the simplest John.


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    Yes martin they are.
    I've been using mine now every day for over 2 years.
    No longer use a bipod.
    If there isn't a suitable soil to stick them in I use my roe sack.

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    Sorry might be being stupid, what is a 'set of spiked telescopic'? Are they the usual telescopic double shooting sticks or is there something special about yours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by liongeorge View Post
    Sorry might be being stupid, what is a 'set of spiked telescopic'?

    they are pctured in the photo.
    can go from prone to standing shot in just a few seconds.

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    They look different from the usual telescopic ones, what's special about them?

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    x2 piece very solid rest and snap fastners which never sieze up like the twist and pull ones.

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    Thanks John , they sound great . Where do you get the individual poles/sticks as I fancy having a go at making a set or are they only available through your mate ready made?

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    i have used these and are very nice easy to use and very sturdy,john which size did you use for each leg,cheers wayne

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