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Thread: A weekend of firsts, seconds and thirds.......

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    A weekend of firsts, seconds and thirds.......

    A weekend of firsts, seconds and thirds.......
    First of all I'd like to say a massive thankyou to mr and mrs Roedinator for an absolutely amazing weekend down in"sunny" Somerset. No two people could make more of an effort to make you feel comfortable and at home, I wanted for nothing the whole time I was there. Pete picked me up at the station and whisked me off for a spot foxing and within 20 minutes of arriving I was positioned on the corner of a maize field with my trusty 682 waiting for Charlie to show. After what seemed like an age I spotted some movement and out it sneaked of the crop(big mistake) after it cleared the crop the 682 thundered into action quickly putting an end to charlies pheasant stealing activities. I was over the moon to have got my first fox and the farmers thanked us with tea and cake, bonus!!
    My alarm blurted out at 06:00 and it was time to get ready for stalking!!! Pete was already on the case and had a brew waiting for me. Ten minutes later and we were at the ground and had decided to spend an hour in a highseat to see what was moving, no more than 15 minutes later a fox made the fatal error of appearing before us, I needed no time at all to decide yes yes yes I wanted this one too and the blaser locked onto the target and the darkside claimed another devotee and a ginger victim.
    That afternoon we decided to shoot some clays and had a good few hours at mendip and met some really good people.
    That evening we headed out in search of the elusive roe bucks. We had only left the truck a short while when pete spotted a cull buck, we watched and waited hoping for him to present a safe shot but it wasn't happening so we retreated and changed tactics and were able to get into a position that provided a back stop. Pete set the sticks up and got me into the rifle, as soon as I was steady the shot was released and the buck was down(damn I do like that blaser set up).
    Arriving back at Petes with everything sorted and put away I was presented with a massive plate of stew which can only be described as amazing but not as good as the home made crumble for desert (cheers Theresa). Later that night we headed out to lend a hand with some lamping but unfortunately nothing was skulking about so time for bed.
    After the customary cuppa we headed out to another area in search of more bucks but it wasn't to be. A trip down to southern counties for the intercounties sport trap was next for the afternoon and I have to say I was bit disappointed in pete only shooting a 93/100 and then finishing 2nd in a shoot off ;-). That evening we headed to yet another piece of land and had a good scout around before I finally spotted a cull buck hiding behind a bale, it was too far for me to take the shot but after negotiating a small ditch and a barbed wire fence we had managed to get into a suitable position for me. I got into a seated position while using the sticks for support and when steady I unleashed the 30.06. Another cull animal for the fridge.
    This morning we went out again and the second field there was Monday's buck. I was onto the sticks and to my shame I rushed the shot and pulled it back clipping a hind leg( excitement/nerves I guess) but thankfully pete was on hand and took the rifle, within 5 seconds he administered the kill shot saving any further suffering.
    All in all an absolutely awesome few days with mr and mrs pete resulting in my first foxes and roe bucks. I also learned a lesson I'll never forget and made friends with great people.
    What more could I ask for?
    Cheers :-)

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    Wonderful write up to an equally great weekend. Confirmation , if any were needed that SD is a great way to make new stalking friends from all around the country.

    Enjoyable reading..... Thanks for posting



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    Thanks for the write up!! Sounds like you had a good time! All the best in the future!


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    yeah it was a great weekend. like i say i couldnt have asked for more and i wanted for nothing. only downside was all my fault for pulling the shot but its something that ill not forget so that cock-up should stand me in good stead for the future. such a genuine family and they really do their best so you can enjoy yourself. thanks for reading it :-)

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    Nice one Ziggy you are really getting in to it. Told you blasers were good.
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    haha yeah will you could say ive found another addiction and id be telling porkies if i said im not looking at prices as we speak haha.

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    Great read Ziggy, thanks for taking the time to write your tale. met P. at Monmouth. A great ambassador for our sport, even if he did beat me into second place. The best man won, and fair play to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggy View Post
    haha yeah will you could say ive found another addiction and id be telling porkies if i said im not looking at prices as we speak haha.

    Yeah, they are not everyones cup of tea but I like them.

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    A good read Ziggy,I have had the pleasure of Peter on my land and then over on his,he is a great guy,did you grass the last one(pulled shot) in the end?


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    yes martin within about 5 seconds of me doing that, pete took the rifle and ended it with a single shot which i was glad about. certainly learned my lesson from that, no matter how confident i am in my "ability" ill be taking more time over the shot.

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